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How long does it take to receive my order?

All custom nail set orders have an average processing time of 2-5 weeks (this is an estimate, not a guarantee) and a shipping time of 2-5 business days - shipped via USPS. (US Shipping.) International shipping is dependent upon location. 
For RUSH orders and/or expedited shipping, please contact me! (It is an additional fee.)
READY TO SHIP SETS - only require a processing time of 1-3 days and shipping time of 2-5 business days - shipped via USPS. 
ACCESSORIES/LASHES - only require a processing time of 2-5 days and shipping time of 2-5 business days - shipped via USPS. UNLESS, ordered with a custom nail set, the additional accessories and/or lashes will be shipped at the same time as the custom set.


Why do custom nail set orders take longer than the ready to ship sets?

All of the press on nails available on our site are handmade throughout the entire process. Each set is hand filed to the specific shape standard, hand painted, hand decorated, and a last finishing file to ensure the shape is sharp! Ready to ship sets are already finished and ready to ship whereas our custom orders need time to complete the above steps. 
We appreciate your patience and promise it's well worth the wait! Thank you in advance. 
For RUSH sets - please contact us! 


How do I determine my custom nail size?

Please see our 'Size + Shape Guide' for further instruction on how to measure your nails from the comfort of your own home! 
Our pro tip recommendation is to order our Sizing Kit to ensure the best and most comfortable fit. 


Can I return/exchange my order?

Accessories: We will accept returns or exchanges for accessories based on the following conditions: product is unworn and unused, reason for returning/exchanging provided, and customer is responsible for return shipping cost. 
Press on Nails & Sizing Kits: ALL SALES FINAL! We will not accept any returns or exchanges for our nails. All custom ordered sets and ready to ship sets are final sale.


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