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Our Most Popular Shapes...

Additional shapes are available upon request! 

(XL shapes are VERY long - if you'd like to see a side by side comparison in length, please reach out! My long nail clients prefer the Long Length!)

Having the perfect fit for your press on nail set is crucial, not only for the aesthetic but also for wear time! 

My top recommendation is to order the sizing kit so you can physically see which nail tip size will fit each finger the best. (*Pro Tip* if you have to push the nail down to fit - it's too small! That will cause the nail to pop off way sooner.)

Or, feel free to order one of our predetermined sizes! 

All 'ready to ship' sets will come with 20 nails (2 of each size, 0-9) so there is no need to measure if purchasing one of those sets. 

Order My Sizing Kit

H O W  T O  M E A S U R E

To measure, you want to start with your natural nails. Using a measuring tape, hold it over your nail at the widest part - this is typically towards the middle of your nail. You want to hold the tape horizontally and allow it to bend with the natural nail to get the true measurement, in millimeters.

IF USING A FLAT, NON-BENDABLE, RULER: Take a piece of tape, place it over your nail at the widest part and lay it down from side to size, horizontally. Take a marker and place a dot where each side of your nail is. Then, you can remove the tape from your nail and lay it flat on the ruler. This will allow you to measure it with the natural curve of your nail. 

Here is a great reference video:

(video credit: Dreams of Glory via YouTube)

OR, you can purchase our 'Sizing Kit' to receive one of each size nail to ensure the perfect fit.

Application, removal, and measuring videos COMING SOON!