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-All shapes run differently in sizing, due to how they are made and with the small differences in shape. I highly recommend ordering a sizing kit(s) for each shape you plan on ordering. It is the most accurate way to determine your sizing and ensure proper fit.

-XL Lengths come with more sizing options (0-11) compared to short-long lengths which come with 0-9. Please note this while making your sizing selections. 

-Upon ordering, your sizing selections are your own. We are not responsible for your nail set sizing once it's complete and delivered to you. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on made to order sets. Please make sure you select your correct measurements at checkout!

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The perfect fit for your press on nail set is so important for both appearance and the success of your wear time.

Again, my top recommendation is to order the sizing kit so you can easily measure at home to see which nail tip size will fit each finger the best. (*Pro Tip* if you have to push the nail down to fit - it's too small! That will cause the nail to pop off way sooner.)

You may also order from our predetermined size options that range from XS-L.

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